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Determination of Brewster’s Angle and Index of Refraction

To study Polarization by reflection,

To determine Brewster's angle for a glass surface,

To calculate the index of refraction of a glass material using Brewster's angle measurement,

To investigate the variation of light intensity transmitted through two polarizing filters with respect to the angle of transmission axes of both polarizers,

To verify, polarized light by showing that the intensity of light passed through two polarizers depends on the square of the cosine of the angle between the two polarization axes.



Brewster's angle, or the polarizing angle, is defined as an angle at an incident, the beam of unpolarized light is reflected after complete polarization. Also, the light reflected from the surface at Brewster's angle produces glare. Brewster's angle is an important law, applied in modern lasers today for producing linearly polarized light. You will be studying Brewster's law and its sub-titles to understand the relationship between light, its reflections and surfaces.