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Who are we?
VRLab Academy is an educational technology innovation company that produces virtual reality experiment content for scientific educational purposes. It gives students access to a realistic lab experience that lets them perform experiments and practice their skills as many times as they want in an interactive, risk and pollution-free learning environment.
How does VRLab Academy work?
Our software works with real time data, real formulas and actual results. Students can save and share received data. Our experiments do not only run with simulations and animations, but also give students the experience of an actual experiment process. 
Does VRLab Academy correlate with any curriculum standards?
Yes! VRLab Academy experiments correlate with all major curriculum standards like IB, Cambridge International, Edexcel, etc. Our science department is always here to meet the needs of all educators and students.
Can I get a free trial?
Of course! All you need is just to book a demo meeting here and our team will connect with you.
How many experiments Does VRLab Academy have?
Our team developed more than hundred experiments from ten different disciplines. We have VRLab Academy Junior, Biology, Chemistry, Electric, Mechanics, Modern Physics, Thermodynamic, Medical Biochemistry, Popular Science, Optics and Waves laboratories. Every month we add new experiments. If you can not find a required one in our portfolio, connect with VRLab Academy and our team will develop it.
Does VRLab Academy integrate with Learning Management System?
Yes! Our integration works with any LMS. We try to make VRLab Academy usage as comfortable as possible. The integration saves time, reduces manual tasks, makes Single sign-on process possible and offers access to students performance datas. 
What devices can I use to perform VRLab Academy experiments?
We have two versions of our experiments: VR and PC. For using VR version you need a VR headset like Oculus or HTC. As for PC version you need a computer/notebook and internet connection. You may find hardware requirements here.
Are VRLab Academy experiments available in different languages?
Yes! VRLab Academy experiments available in English, Spanish, Turkish, German, Arabic and Russian languages. We try to deliver the most comfortable experience to our users and language should not be an obstacle.
Who can use VRLab Academy?
All students starting from primary school to university can find suitable science experiments in VRLab Academy portfolio. Initially we created VRLab Academy for high school and university level students. However, recently we added VRLab Academy Junior for primary and middle school students. So, now everyone can experience science without any limit.