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LMS Integration

LMS Integration

What is LMS?


A learning management system (LMS) is a platform that provides a digital ecosystem for classrooms. Instructors and teachers use LMS to manage their courses by organizing content, sharing resources, assigning homework, and giving feedback to students. Similarly, students use LMS to follow their registered classes, their grades and course materials. Moreover, the LMS system also can support conservation and communications, which carry learning beyond classrooms. 


Benefits of LMS Integration


LMS integration makes VRLab Academy compatible with your used learning management system. It simplifies the digital classroom ecosystem with direct access to the VRLab Academy platform. VRLab Academy laboratories and experiments become coherent with the organization and management of your class. This functions for:


• Single Sign On 

Users use the same username and password to reach their classes and VRLab Academy experiments as a part of their LMS system.

• Content Integration 

VRLab Academy experiments become embedded learning resources for various usage purposes.

• Assignment and Grade Passback 

Instructors can send VRLab Academy experiments as assignments to their classes and students and grade them.


VRLab Academy supports integration with all of the major LMSs. Contact us to learn more about LMS integration from our software department.


LMS Integration