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How VRLab Academy Works?




VRLab academy experiments are more than just virtual simulations. They provide hands-on, virtual and interactive experimentation that aligns with scientific methodology. Also, in VRLab Academy, the immersive and responsive learning environment, which is created based on real scientific formulas, is supported with various features designed with a pedagogical approach. This enables learners to investigate just like scientists through inquiry-based learning. 
Observe phenomena
Manipulate environment by using experiment equipments
• Formulate research question and hypothesis
Use VRLab Academy lab manuals as a scaffold to start investigation
• Collect and record data
Take measurements, practice skills with the error-making possible design
• Calculate and analyze for results
 Use VRLab Academy lab manuals to analyze data, draw graph, make calculated to fill tables
• Draw conclusions
After saving your data and calculations, compare your results with provided personalized responsive answer sheet


VRLab Academy virtual laboratories reflect the ongoing nature of scientific method that always continue with scientific inquiry. Therefore VRLab Academy experiments can be conducted multiple times and the obtained data may differ based on the nature of the experiment.


Increased Learning and Knowledge


with VRLab Academy:

  • • More experiments can be performed in shorter time
  • • Students can perform experiments as many times as they need
  • • Experiments can easily be done during classes or can be assigned as homeworks
  • • Due to ongoing development, new experiments constantly added
  • • All experiments are aligned with all curriculum standards 
  • • Academic Collaboration is possible for creation of required experiments



 How VRLab Academy Works?