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Energy Flow in Ecosystem



• To state that members of an ecosystems require a continuous supply of energy to fuel life processes and to replace energy lost as heat

• To explain the relationship between experimental results and larger biological concepts, processes, or theories

• To describe the strategies organisms utilize to acquire and use energy

• To explain how the activities of autotrophs and heterotrophs enable the flow of energy within an ecosystem

• To design and carry out an investigation to answer a question regarding the capture of energy from sunlight, the energy dynamics, and the allocation of energy between the organisms of an ecosystem

• To examine, calculate, and comment on the energy flow in an ecosystem by preparing a model using one animal and one plant


Curriculum alignments


HS-LS2-4. Use mathematical representations to support claims for the cycling of matter and flow of energy among organisms in an ecosystem.


• AP

8.2 Energy Flow Through Ecosystems



4.2 Energy flow


• Cambridge IGCSE 

19.1 Energy flow


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