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Van De Graaff Generator Experiment



•To learn electric charge concept and the source of charge.

•To learn electrification the insulators by friction.

•To learn charging the conductors by contact.

•To learn charging the conductors by induction

•To learn working principles of electroscope and to use it in determination of charge sign.

•To explain the charge distribution of the conductors.

•To understand Coulomb’s Law defining electrical force between electric charges.


Curriculum Alignments

• AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism




Let’s learn how Van de Graaf Generator works together. The rubber bands that you see inside the device move by turning. electrical charges generated by a wire brush that rubs to the bottom of the tape are transferred to the metal ball and loaded with positive electric charge. so that the sphere is charged with high voltage. You will be observing Van de Graaf Generator and learn all about the essentials.