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Ballistic Pendulum and Projectile Motion

To determine the initial velocity of a projectile (ball) by using a ballistic pendulum,
To investigate the relationship between kinetic energy and potential energy in a ballistic pendulum system,
To study conservation of momentum and conservation of mechanical energy,
To understand the kinematic equations of motion in two dimensions,
To obtain the initial velocity of a projectile launched horizontally by analyzing the projectile (two- dimensional) motion,
To predict and verify the horizontal distance travelled by a projectile launched at an angle above the horizontal.



Ballistic pendulum is used for measuring a bullet’s momentum, in respect to that it is possible to calculate its velocity an kinetic energy. After the collision, conservation of energy can be used in the swing of the combined masses upward, since the gravitational potential energy is conservative.
And the motion in two dimensions is called the motion of projectiles. The projectile object moves under the force of gravity. An object is thrown from vertical under negligible efect of air resistance is considered in a projectile motion.