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Measurements and Uncertainties



To learn how to use caliper, micrometer and spherometer,
To measure external dimensions (length, volume) of a given regular body,
To determine depth of a given object using a caliper,
To measure the mass of a given object using equal arm balance and digital balance,
To determine the possible errors in the measurements by ruler, calliper and micrometre, and compare their accuracy,
To etermine the density of a regular body of known mass using different measurement techniques,
To determine the radius of curvature of a spherical surface (lens) with a spherometer (indicator).



Physics is based on experimental observations and quantitative measurements. To identify relationships that characterize nature, we must know how to measure physical quantities. Physical quantities are generally dependent to one another. Mechanics includes three fundamental quantities which are length, mass and time. You will be the learning the relationship between these quantities, how to measure them, errors and graphs.